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5 Steps To Help You Not Ditch Your Resolutions

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At aavrani, we believe in the power and the importance of female collaboration: below are 5 simple steps to make sure you and your sisters #GlowandConquer in 2019!

Step 1: Encourage Body Positivity

In a world where we're constantly reminded that we are not enough, loving yourself is taking a stance against unrealistic ideals, and against the objectification and hyper sexualization of bodies. The best place to start promoting a positive body image is to change the way we talk about our own bodies.

Step 2: Answer Her Call

Each little milestone - no matter how insignificant it might appear - deserves a little pat on the back. Don’t shy away from encouraging even the small efforts - listen and be heard!

Step 3: Create Rituals

Friendship is keeping that chocolate bar safe from your friend until she gets to her cheat day. It’s not easy to take on resolutions without companionship and support. Partner up and keep reminding each other why you were so determined to carry out this resolution in the first place. Having a weekly coffee catch-up with one another helps you check-in to see how your girl is doing.

Step 4: Keep Her Spirits High

Don't let a frustrating day lead her to fall behind on her resolutions: put on your trainers and ring her doorbell! It’s been scientifically proven that during exercise proteins like BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) & chemicals like endorphins are released which work to reduce the feeling of pain and stress and can even lead to a feeling of euphoria.

Step 5: Open Doors For Her

Refer a friend (not only to the #RaniFam (wink wink nudge nudge)), but to your network. Her resolutions may include a career change, promotion, hobby or new love interest which is often easier to achieve through a network and a warm introduction. Ask her what she wants and see what you can do help her reach her goals.

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