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All-Natural Contouring, Anyone?

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Priya Tries It: Mount Lai Jade Roller

What is a jade roller?

A product of ancient Chinese medicine, the jade roller was a prized possession among the vanity collections of Chinese empresses. Jade, popularly referred to as the “stone of heaven” or “the emperor’s stone” (only the elite could afford it), symbolizes health, spirituality, and purity. Ancient Eastern tradition believes that the stone has healing properties that expels toxins and heals stress by increasing chi, an energy that revitalizes the body.

Did it actually work?

At first try, no. To be perfectly honest, I was quite skeptical of using the jade roller and subconsciously expected nothing from my two-week trial. But I woke up on day four with a less puffy face than usual after a night of high sugar consumption. Many women experience facial puffiness for various reasons. For me it’s sugar, for others it may be a night of partying (hint: it wasn’t just that last shot), one too many salty snacks, or lack of sleep. But the miraculous jade roller actually reduced the puffiness and was quite a relaxing experience, rolling out the stress and fatigue after a long day. Not to mention, it added a revitalizing step to my skincare routine!

How is it used?

Start at the base of your chin, moving upwards along your jawline on either side. Next, go over your cheekbones and use the smaller roller to go over the under-eye and eyelids. Finally, roll against your forehead starting at the center and moving all the way to the temples on each side. See, super easy to use!

How does it work?

As a massaging tool, the jade roller primarily assists with lymphatic drainage. As a result, it rids the skin of toxins and increases blood flow to the facial muscles. Not only does this lead to a radiant #RaniGlow, but you also feel like you’ve just received a face-lift; the rolling naturally carves out facial structure, enhancing the cheekbones and jawline. And all these benefits come completely naturally, without harsh chemicals and expensive salon visits! Impressive, right?


  • Use the roller at night as part of your bedtime ritual to allow yourself to sink into the relaxation offered by the facial massage.
  • Try cooling your jade roller in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes for an elevated experience, especially great for rolling under the eyes.
  • Rolling it against your temples when you feel extra stressed or tired can improve blood circulation, making you feel better instantly.

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  • Sara on

    interesting. kinda skeptical but also kinda want to try it out

  • Adhiti R on

    OMG I use a jade roller too and none of my friends beleive me when I tell them how great its been for my skin. Will be sending everyone this article

  • Padma on

    Amazing article! I just got a jade roller as a gift so I’ve been googling about them incessantly, think i’ll use some of these tips

  • Steph on

    OMG looks amazing! Buying mine now!

  • artemis95 on

    yeah i have tried one of these before! it actually worked on me too. it made the puffiness in my face lessen, and it makes me feel really refreshed :)

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