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Being Confident with Skin Imperfections

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Being Confident with Skin Imperfections

Some people are genetically gifted with perfect skin - they don’t have to do much to have a beautiful, poreless canvas. I am not one of these people. Ever since I was young, I’ve maintained a strict, self-motivated skincare regimen in order to keep my flare-ups at bay -- that means I’ve experimented with plenty of washes, creams, toners, spot treatments… you name it, I’ve tried it. 

However, one factor that has helped my skin confidence significantly (as cliché as it sounds) is accepting it for what it is! Yes, there are going to be skin days that are worse than others, but having flawless, poreless skin is no longer the priority. I’m fortunate that I am not the only one on this wave of accepting skin imperfections for what they are.

More and more, beauty influencers of different types (whether they’re representing companies, are renowned makeup artists, etc.) are embracing skin imperfections as part of their campaigns and looks!  Redness, pimples, and skin texture are no longer being fully effaced, but being kept in to remind consumers that the goal isn’t always to hide the true texture of your skin.  Moreover, celebrities like Lili Reinhardt, Rachel Bloom, Mindy Kaling, and Miley Cyrus are paving the way for being open about skin concerns, in a positive, self-accepting, and lighthearted way. And while there are days that I like to wear full-coverage foundation to fake perfect skin, I’ve found that I increasingly prefer to let my real skin texture show through under some light makeup. 

So celebrate your skin for what it is (no more beating yourself up over an untimely blemish!) and enjoy skincare as self-care - lately I’ve been loving to use the Glow Activating Exfoliator as a mask for a soothing treat for my skin.  And on days when you feel like you’re the only one dealing with imperfect (AKA human) skin, just check out this tutorial from Milk Makeup.

The final look is gorgeous, and there was no need to use a full-coverage foundation or airbrushing.

Lauren Salamon

Team at aavrani

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