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Choose Your Skincare Wisely: What You Should Know

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Beauty Spotlight: Safe Skincare

Organic food went from a nice-to-have to a must-have, and not without reason. As we become increasingly aware of the consequences of ingesting produce grown with toxic pesticides, we're extra cautious at the grocery store. Well, if we care about what we put IN our bodies, shouldn’t we care about what we put ON it?

Most beauty products today have a plethora of harmful chemicals that have devastating health consequences. It’s easy to dismiss these poisons in our skincare products since we use them externally, but their deleterious effects become real as they seep through the layers of the skin and into our systems through dermal absorption. As the largest organ of the body, the skin can serve as a breeding ground for poison absorption if we don’t choose our products carefully.

Some ingredients to look out for:


Parabens have traditionally been used as preservatives in cosmetics that increase products’ shelf-life. And this may sound reasonable... until you find out that it has been implicated in breast cancer and hormonal disruptions. As an endocrine disrupter, parabens mimic estrogen in the body and can predispose us to severe health problems like diabetes, obesity, infertility, and other reproductive ailments. In fact, parabens have been identified in breast tumor biopsies, suggesting their link to breast cancer as well. Yikes!

Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate (SLES)

SLS and SLES are surfactants that are used to remove dirt and oils from surfaces (think foam and bubbles). While removing dirt and grime is important, these surfactants are a little too good at their job. Apart from removing excess debris, they also strip the skin of its natural oils, which are important for skin health and vitality. As a result, they are known to produce skin, lung, and eye irritation, and can interact with other chemicals to form carcinogens that cause kidney and respiratory damage.

Synthetic fragrance

“Fragrance” on a product label tends to read as the most non-suspicious item but we recommend you don’t skip this one. While the beauty industry is regulated by the government, there are few restrictions on what companies can use to make products. Concocting “fragrances” with unnamed chemicals does not require legal disclosure by manufacturers, a trade-secret that can be dangerous to health. Some synthetic fragrances have been associated with allergies, respiratory distress, dermatitis, and even reproductive disorders.

TLDR: Read the label before committing to your next skincare regimen!

Luckily, we can help you out. aavrani’s products are made without parabens, SLS, SLES, or synthetic fragrances, and are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients that are 100% non-toxic, allergy tested, and cruelty free! Check them out here.

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  • Alicia Moorthy on

    i had heard of parabens but had no idea I had to worry about fragrances. This makes me feel good about switching to truly all-natural brands only. and I read ALL the ingredients on the list, twice. Encourage my everyone to do the same!

  • Radhika Khare on

    When i was in high school i would put anything on my face, buying whatever cleanser seemed like it smelled the best. As an adult I’ve been learning what people can put in these products and I will only use trusted brands. Glad you’re getting this information out!

  • Sarah on

    Thank you, aavrani, for sharing this knowledge! I had no idea that the beauty industry wasn’t as well regulated as one would imagine!

  • Coco Tsoi on

    thx for sharing, helpful!

  • Francesca Jiang on

    I’m so glad that your skincare products exist. I do NOT want any of this harmful products on my face! Thanks for sharing this useful info, I will definitely take it into account

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