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Don't Let the Sun Dim Your Glow

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My Top 5: Tips For Protecting Your Skin On Summer Vacay

Hey #RaniFam! I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Spain & Southern France and while I was there, so many of you asked about my skincare routine while traveling! So here’s my Top 5 tips on skin protection while vacationing:  

1. SPF! I feel like this one goes without saying, but I can’t reiterate enough how important sun protection is for skin maintenance! I’ll admit I have yet to find a facial sunscreen that I swear by that doesn’t feel greasy or oily when applied to my face—especially with my upper lip sweat issues, but so far, no solution there. If you have one, HALP please! In the meantime, will be withstanding the extra sweat because sun protection is just too important.

2. Those cute sun hats were made for more than just the 'gram! If you’re going to be out in the sun constantly (beach vacay or even just site seeing outside) I highly recommend bringing a hat! There’s so many cute ones that can go with a variety of outfits! It’ll keep you cool and your skin will thank you—especially if you tend to sweat a lot (like me)!

3. Less is more: I notice when I wear heavy makeup (foundation & powder) in hot climates, my skin breaks out from the sweat, oil, & dirt. Plus, wiping off one eyebrow is never a good look. I tend to skip all the heavy stuff and simply go with cute sunnies and a bold lip for the daytime!

4. Don’t skip your skincare routine! Especially after long days outside, this one is a MUST with all the dirt & pollution if you want to avoid skin flare-ups (obvi—who wants them)?! I stuck with the aavrani ritual even on the days I was exhausted & had a heat rash in unmentionable places. BUT, despite being in the hot sun, I visibly noticed my face was pretty happy from feeding it all the good stuff it was hella thirsty for.

5. In flight maintenance! Guys, this is a REAL thing & KEY to stepping off the jet bridge feeling fab—especially on cross country or international flights. The cabin air is stale & super dry! I straight up pulled out my skincare bag midway through my 8 hour flight and slathered the aavrani hydra-whip on my face, neck, & hands. This stuff is so amazing that I went from feeling dry & ashy to flirting with the cute flight attendant (c’est la vie, right)? As for guy sitting next to me: nothing to see here, back to your in flight movie please. 

Hope this helps you all #GlowandConquer to the fullest! Enjoy your vacation & and your newfound radiance with these tips #YouQueen



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    • xixi96 on

      wow, this post is so true!! in china, we like to cover ourselves A LOT whether we use umbrellas, hats, or EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS of sun screen. so i completely feel this post! i love how your focus is not just on the sun protection part, but also on the SKINCARE part. if anything, your skincare routine and its maintenance are as important, or even more important, than simply protecting skin from the sun! great post with a holistic approach to skincare. love it!

    • jada on

      HILARIOUS post lol! i laughed my a** off!!! especially when u talked about sweating a lot, that is my life… anyway TOTALLY agree with u on sun protection and the importance of COVERING URSELF FROM THE UV RAYS!! those are the devil!! v important, v informative. great article!! well written as well :)

    • melissa q on

      OMG YEAH AIRPLANES WREAK HAVOC ON MY DRY SKIN! i actually got the hydrawhip and its been great for my dry skin i should bring it with me on my next flight! v helpful

    • Shruti j on

      OMG SO RELATABLE. Vaca usually makes me happy but RUINS my skin, these are really good tips

    • kendall on

      yesss maintaining skincare routines while traveling is key to staying flawless and glowing!!! my friends always make fun of me for having such a strict skincare routine (i.e. aavrani!!! the ritual), but it makes A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR SKIN! applause to this post!

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