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Five Fall Fruits That’ll Make You Glow

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After a particularly hot summer, fall is finally here! If your Instagram feed looks anything like mine, it's pretty apparent due to the abundance of autumn leaves, boots and chunky sweater posts. But along with that comes a whole host of skin care problems ranging from dry skin to acne. Here at aavrani, we believe in the power of natural remedies, so we have put together a list of five fall fruits that’ll turn drab into fab.


Although often overlooked, the properties of plums are amazing for your health (and are super tasty too)! So what are the beauty properties? Plums are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E which can help combat sun damage at the hands of dangerous UV rays. Speaking of which, check out this article that highlights the importance of SPF even after the end of summer. Additionally, Vitamin C increases collagen production and collagen is the key to rejuvenating and strengthening our hair, skin and nails.  


Now, onto everyone’s obsession - avocados! Not only are avocados crazy delish, but they are also packed with healthy fats, great nutrients and they have tons of fiber which can help detox your body making you feel and look great. Sick of just eating avocado toast? Here are 53 recipes for you to up your avocado game. 


The red jewels of goodness in pomegranates are not just tasty, but they’re also loaded with antioxidants that’ll keep you healthy. Look good, feel good? Yes please! Speaking of antioxidants, these nutrients can help you keep acne and inflammations at bay. Additionally, they contain something called punicic acid which is known to keep your hair strong and promote growth.


A pear a day will keep the doctor away... or at least some wrinkles. Why? Pears contain fiber and Vitamin C, that not only help regulate your sugar level but also keep a steady level of collagen. This helps fight the early onset of wrinkles as well as keep your skin looking plump. Additionally, pears have lactic acid which helps smooth skin and retain moisture. Here’s a list of pear infused skin care products that’ll keep you looking good inside and out.

Passion Fruits

Last, but certainly not least, are passion fruits. Though uncommon, if you can find passion fruits in your grocery store, definitely pick them up. They are incredibly tasty around this time of the year. Furthermore, they do a great job at lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels which heighten circulation throughout the body. The same vitamins that allow for these great side effects - like beta carotene - also allow for the growth and reproductions of skin cells, which will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Here is a great recipe for a passion fruit face mask.

Written by Meghana, team at aavrani.

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