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Living Busy and Frizzy

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Shivani Tries It: Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

 Living Busy and Frizzy

…well now just busy

This past week, I tried using anti-frizz hair sheets. I know right. I had never heard of it before either. These sheets are made by OUAI and have been created with the intention of taming wild manes. Basically, when our hair is frizzy AF we can just grab one of these sheets, swipe down once and voila, a smooth & sleek hairstyle. I am personally prone to frizzy hair, especially during these humid summer days we’ve been having - so this product looked as though it would prove useful.

Before using the sheets, I did a little bit of digging about the product. Created by Jen Atkins (Kardashians’ hair stylist), these sheets are intended to be both easy and quick to use. They contain coconut oil and shea butter and are made with hemp paper. In quotes and articles, Jen Atkins often references using this product as a replacement for argan oil or shine spray, so I was surprised that the oil they used was coconut oil. The women in my family have been using oils in their hair for generations. Coconut oil is an Indian woman’s number one go-to when it comes to all things haircare and skincare. I’m partial toward coconut oil because I’ve been using it in my hair for years. Using it before washing my hair keeps my hair healthy and sleek. But now, I was curious. What would this magical ingredient do if I used it after the wash, before going out? Coconut oil can make hair look a little greasy and oily if not washed away immediately. These sheets claim to be free of parabens and sulfates (amazing, we love that!). After this research I was intrigued. An easy way to apply coconut oil onto my hair? What a perfect opportunity!

First impressions

The box itself is much smaller than I expected, which of course aligns well its value for the on-the-go woman. It easily fit both into my purse and the front pouch of my backpack! The design and white color of the package reminded me of a fancy pack of gum or a carton of cigarettes (obvs without the detrimental side effects).

The sheets themselves are individually packaged which is really nice because you can just grab a few and throw them in your wallet if you don’t want to carry around the whole box. On the flip side, it was a little inconvenient to have to unwrap each one and deal with throwing out the packaging each time (especially if you plan on doing this in the car, because there’s what’s more annoying than leaving trash in the car?).


I used these strips over a few nonconsecutive days in order to account for the random changes in my hair and the humidity. I applied them on the entire visible surface of my hair and took note right after. I also had my 2 roommates try them. One has very dry hair and applies argon oil every night while the other has naturally oily hair (my hair is somewhere in between).


1.      Should you run out and get this product? ... maybe

  • The sheets definitely did their job, at least just as well as oil would have. I thought my hair was a wild animal but apparently it CAN be tamed. When I used these sheets at home, I wondered why I just didn’t use oil. But it was much more convenient when I needed to use it in the car or in the bathroom at work. If your goal is to flatten those stray fly-aways while you’re on the go this product might be worth it, otherwise I would just stick with natural oils you like from brands you trust.

2.      Caveat to that: Would not recommend if you have naturally oily hair!

  • Fly-aways can happen to any of us, but layering oil on oil is not a good idea. Using this product made my hair appear oilier by the end of the day. Especially would not recommend if you have oily hair AND skin. The product also leaves your fingertips oily. And, unless you rinse right away, you could transfer those oils onto your clothes and face. A sure recipe for stains and acne.

3.      It was easy to use, but not that much easier than using real, natural oils

  • Part of the value proposition of using these sheets instead of oil is a lack of oil on your hands, however, after I used them my fingers were sticky and required a rinse. Time wise they were very easy to integrate into my morning routine – the entire process of smoothing out all the fly-aways took less than 5 minutes.

4.      You shouldn’t be ashamed of a little frizz

  • One of the side effects of this product trial experience was that it made me more conscious about having frizzy hair.  I realized that before I began using this product, I really didn’t notice every time I had fly-aways and if I did notice I wouldn’t think that much of it. At the end of the day I think that it is important to look professional and put together but to feel confident about ourselves and our hair the way it is so that we won’t feel the need to obsess over a few strays here and there/few strands out of place



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    • Sejal on

      Omg this is super informative and helpful and your hair is GORGEOUS! I’ve also been using coconut oil for years and have naturally frizzy hair so I might look into these sheets, seems super cool!

    • rose on

      i have these sheets! they are pretty cool, recently bought them to try and make my hair straight lol cos it gets sooo frizzy.

    • Lila on

      OMG the girl in this blog post is so beautiful!!! will buy these sheets ASAP

    • Lisa on

      wow cool review i have super frizzy hair and i’m glad someone finally talks about how it should be ok to “have a few strays here or there” :)

    • Allie S on

      omg i’ve been wanting to try these sheets but was concerned about them being just a gimmick… love these types of write ups from you guys, keep them coming! :D

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