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Reasons We're Proud to be Indian American

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Encouraging Glowbal Awareness

As first-generation American women, we’ve spent a fair amount of energy reconciling our identities. While we’ve faced some challenges, we realized that we tend to forget what a privilege it is to have two such distinct, cultural upbringings. After all, its continued to shape us for the better.

We wanted to share just a handful of the great but often-overlooked perks of being Indian-American, based on our personal experiences. Through having this conversation and exchanging stories with our friends from all over the world, we’ve found that, ultimately, we’re all much more alike than unalike.

While we hope this brief and lighthearted list gets the conversation started, we encourage the #RaniFam to continue sharing. The more we push ourselves to listen to and learn from others, the more we’ll understand and develop as individuals and as a community of strong women. Start by sharing a piece of your story below! What culture(s) do you most identity with? What parts of your culture or background are you most proud of, or what have you found to be challenging? We can’t wait to hear from you.

    1. We're bilingual                                                                           

    Understanding the world in a second language has helped us be more open-minded, receptive and understanding of others (independent of the clear advantages of knowing another language in of itself!) 

    And let’s be real, we’ve certainly enjoyed being able to communicate freely in public without worrying about strangers understanding us!

    2.     Ancient Indian rituals and practices are finally being understood and adopted in the US

    With yoga, meditation, chicken tikka masala, and Bollywood movies, who doesn’t love and admire Indian culture? Let’s not forget turmeric which is reaching social prominence! (this Indian ingredient is the basis of the aavrani Glow Activating Exfoliator, as well as in many other health, skincare and wellness products!)

    And growing up, some of our friends would wince at the thought of using coconut oil in our hair (isn’t it greasy?!) but now it’s just another normal thing some people do. No judgement involved! The main oil used in Jen Atkin’s Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets is coconut oil, and celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian profess their use of coconut oil for hair masks.  It’s amazing to witness such a central aspect of Indian beauty rituals become so well-received and understood in the US. (Meanwhile, we’ve been in on these secrets our whole lives!)

    3.     Delicious food!!!!!

    People often rave about Indian food, without realizing that for us, it’s just food :)

    Enriched with power-packed spices that not only add an extra dimension to food, but serve so many health benefits as well (did we mention turmeric yet?). No, but for real though – Americans are really loving Indian cuisine! Julia Roberts has raved about feasting on chapati and kadhai paneer and Brad Pitt’s favorite meal entails chicken masala, dal, and naan. From biriyani to dosas to curries, Indian food is both highly nutritious and packed with flavor.

    4.     Less stress in the sun!

    This was more of a recent awareness as we’ve become increasingly conscious about sun protection. Did you know that the deeper your skin tone is, the more melanin you produce, and the melanin serves to block damaging UV rays?! i.e., the darker your natural skin tone is, the less likely you are to get sunburned, which is substantially favorable for long-term, healthy skin! Basically, the deeper your skin color, the fewer number of times you have to worry about reapplying protection throughout the day… we’ll take it!

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    • trina on

      LOVE the glow pun in the title LOL. also i totally feel you on the darker skin, less worry in the sun point!!! i have olive skin and it’s honestly such a blessing!!

    • Sanika on

      I identify as Indian American and I totally love this post, so relatable omg esp the food i mean everyone raves to me about indian food and im like i eat this every day, i know its amazing and actually spicy! :)

    • lila on

      wow, this article was very well written! topics surrounding identity can often get heated/controversial, but this article struck the perfect balance of being informative and politically correct but also having a sense of humor! very enjoyable and informative read!

    • yeri on

      thank you for opening my eyes to this! i have read so many articles about being proud to be asian american, but never seen any on indian american identity (maybe im just not searching hard enough). anyway, this was a great and enlightening read. thank you!

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