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Step Aside, Lingerie; Skincare is the New Splurge

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Wellness Spotlight: Skincare is the New Lingerie

Splurging on lingerie

People often ask – why do women splurge on fancy underwear? While it may not seem perfectly rational, the answer is pretty simple: when we wear nice underwear, we feel better, and when we feel better, we perform better.

Ladies, you know the protocol: when we want to feel especially good (say for a big meeting or event), we whip out our best fitting bra and underwear. Even though they’re hidden beneath our clothes, we can’t deny the effect – nice underwear makes us feel more confident! The fact is, indulging in lingerie is a way to feel beautiful, and wearing our favorites is a form of self-care and self-love. (Shout out to a brand we love, Harper Wilde!)

What does this mean?

We’ve realized that feeling comfortable and confident starts from within and radiates outward. And if nice underwear makes us feel this good, then imagine how great we could feel if we gave our skin the same TLC?! After all, our skin is the first outfit we wear every single day!

Here are 4 ways that skincare can help boost our confidence (and it’s much longer lasting!).

Practicing skincare enables us to…

1.     Feel Hydrated – Why wait until our lips are cracked to put on chap-stick? There’s no need to wait for dried skin and fine lines to appear before we take notice. Ever look at your hands while typing and realize how desperately they need lotion? Indulging in skincare from the start prevents us from feeling self-conscious from ashy, peeling skin, which just makes us uncomfortable the entire day. Well-hydrated skin allows us to be worry-free so you can focus on what’s important all day.

2.     Enjoy Effortless Beauty! – When we are unhappy with our skin condition, we often try to cover up with concealer and foundation. Good skincare means goodbye to cover-ups, and hello to proudly displaying our natural beauty and skin color. We say embrace your naturally glowing skin and live your life confidently! Why spend precious time and resources on makeup when you can wake up, roll out of bed, and stride out the door? Look at you glow!

3.     Look Fresh 24/7 – We all work very hard so sometimes we don’t get all the beauty sleep we deserve. Waking up with dark circles under our eyes distracts from our glow. But pampering ourselves with good skincare products means saying goodbye to those tiresome under-eye bags! In fact, certain lotions are specifically made to focus on erasing dark circles and puffiness (try our Eye Rejuvenating Elixir), especially treatments packed with vitamins A, E and B.

4.     Prevent Signs of Premature Aging – Hydrated skin prevents wrinkles. It’s really as simple as that. Imagine a dehydrated grape – the lack of water is what makes it shrivel up and become a raisin! Apply the same logic to your skin. When we invest in proper skincare we hydrate and retain moisture in our skin evens out wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. We’re all young at heart, and our skin should reflect that!

It’s important to always feel comfortable in our own skin, which means we should treat it with kindness! After all, skincare is the new indulgence, and we plan on wearing our glowing skin every day.

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  • Jessie P. on

    YES. OMG this is so me! I always feel so good when I wear a lacy bra and nice underwear. I’ve been getting into skincare lately because I need something to repair the damage from makeup. Feel like I should be taking better care of my face and skin because I agree that feeling good is looking good

  • Kaya78 on

    Great point! I love my lingerie, but skincare is definitely on my list for when I need a pick-me-up. Even giving myself a simple mani-pedi makes me feel so happy!

  • anjali rose on

    Really great article, cool read! honestly people need to hydrate their skin more. its so important and underrated, i LOVE products that moisturize!

  • selfcare999 on

    Yes totally agree! Feeling inspired to ramp up my skincare habits into a more regular routine. Thank you!

  • Nama17 on

    100% agree! Skincare is my go-to feel-good ritual, so I make sure it book-ends my day. I have one ritual for the morning, and one for the evening, and it starts and ends my day on such a fresh and positive note. :)

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