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The Deepest Clean In One Wash

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Carolynne Tries It: In-Shower Scalp Massager


Do you ever think about the little things you do as part of your daily routine, and whether you’re doing your life wrong? Me neither. I never considered that there was anything wrong with the way I washed my hair. Then an in-shower scalp massager entered my life. I do not exaggerate when I say this: My. Life. Has. Changed.

I ordered the scalp massager with the light-hearted intention of experimenting with it and sharing my experience with the amazing #RaniFam. But I groaned inwardly and imagined the thought of taking the extra step of rubbing my hair with the massager. This product was the definition of extra. Then I discovered that it had not 1, but 2 vibration settings! This was when I knew I was going to have a lot of fun.

Day 1: I massaged my head, sans shampoo (it was a no-shampoo day), and I was SHOOK. I felt like I was rising into the air, above the floor of my college bathroom, into the universe. In fact, the universe felt like it was descending to MEET me.

Every time I’ve used this product, I’ve just felt this amazing sensation – the kind you feel at expensive salons that my poor and indebted college-student self cannot afford to indulge in.

The product also claims to control or eliminate dandruff, and I found that to be true. Every time I use the massager, my hair feels like it is deeply cleansed, and all dead cells fall away with the water. Even using the massager only with water has improved my cleanliness – the vibration setting and the griddle texture of the scrub make my hair washes much more thorough.

Re: my initial concern about the washing process taking longer once I added this extra step, I realized that my worries were unfounded. If anything, I take less time to achieve the same cleanliness levels as before. The only reason I still spend the same amount of time in the shower is because I am in hair-washing heaven and would like to prolong my time there.

Also, I’ve changed nothing about my hair-care regimen besides adding this product, but my hair feels and looks much healthier. In the product description, it reads “distributes natural oils to boost hair luster” – this statement is on point. Whether it’s a result of physical stimulation by the massager or just a placebo effect, the point is IT WORKS. Which is why I’m shook. Have I mentioned that I’m shook?

As for the supposed benefit of increased blood flow to my scalp to promote hair growth, I haven’t used the product long enough to judge whether it actually delivers on this promise. I can see how it increases blood flow to the scalp and distributes natural oils – you’ll understand how stimulating it is if you use it. But my guess is it probably wouldn’t make a huge difference pertaining to hair growth if you’re like me and have regular hair that you’re not too concerned about. Unless you are bald. In that case, maybe give it a shot.

The only con I can think of is the design of the product itself. It took me a while (and a lot of brute force) to unscrew the battery case. It was also hard to figure out how to screw the top of the massager back on after I’d re-screwed the battery case in. But this might also be my fault, since I threw away the instruction manual right after receiving the product. Can you really blame me? Let’s be honest, who keeps that and actually reads it?

Anyway, 10/10 on this product! The difficulty I had in installing it was a minor setback compared to the added value that it has brought to my life. I feel enlightened – I will never be the same. I can honestly say I am hooked. Thank you, scalp massager!

To all of you reading this – if this is the one thing you take away from this blog post – I cannot stress the importance of SELF-CARE enough. After using this product, I have realized that indulging in something that makes you happy is never a poor use of your time. I would much rather take an extra 3 minutes to enjoy the feeling of the scalp massager on my hair than rush through a shower and spend the rest of my day unsatisfied. Indulging in quality self-care is something we really don’t do enough, especially if you’re like me and don’t like to switch up your routine or add unnecessary embellishments. But, we need to stop skimping on the extra few minutes it would take to feel good!  




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    • Ananya on

      Hahaha love this post! You’re hilarious and now I want to try this scalp massager.

    • Ana Baco on

      YASSSS. I wanna try! -xoxo

    • Swetha on

      oooo, I’m pretty into this tbh cause i feel like anything that could reduce the number of times i wash my hair would be good, I’m going to get it prolly cause i mean why not treat myself

    • brandi on

      YAAAAS girl, this author is hilarious also like low key high key want to get one of these now

    • LBK on

      this was absolutely hilarious., I LOLed at least 3×.. would read more of her pieces!

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