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Your Journal Journey

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Why you should start a journal, today.

I started my first journal as a freshman in college for the simple purpose of having a place to document all of the new and exciting things that were happening to me. I went to the college bookstore, bought a black leather Moleskin, and for weeks used it as bullet journal to list all of the matters that I deemed significant. As school progressed and I was faced with challenging situations and periods of struggle, my journal evolved. It became a place where I could let go of my insecurities and fears. I quickly realized that journaling was something I looked forward to doing on a daily basis, and it became essential to my mental health.

Whether faced with a period of struggle or glee, try writing down your feelings. It’s common that you do not realize that what you are experiencing is going to be important, and journaling creates an archive of memories. Not only will it allow you to look back on your experiences when that time has passed, but you can learn from your mistakes, watch yourself grow and mature, and reduce stress while boosting your creativity and productivity.

Journaling means something different to everyone, and the way it manifests itself in your lifestyle can be unique to you. I started with using a classic diary and ballpoint pen, which evolved to a smaller pocket notebook when I was traveling, and now manifests itself in a word document on my desktop. Today, there are even journaling apps for your phone that can help you get started with that journey.

If you are worried about where to start, try simply writing about your day and the emotions and experiences that stood out to you. Find a time and a method that works for you, and create a ritual. You will find that there are days where all you have to say is a few words on the cute barista who served you coffee that morning, and other days you may find yourself spilling words onto a page for hours. Let your journaling experience be your own.

Written by Julia S, team at aavrani.

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