beauty with intention

The most powerful place is within.

Within legacy. Within mother nature. Within yourself. This is where our power resides. The aavrani ritual is your moment to embrace deeper beauty and center yourself—mind, body, and spirit—by way of India’s all-natural, time honored skincare rituals. This is your glow, magnified by centuries of wisdom and elevated by a fresh take on luxury.


Inside our Glow Activating Exfoliator

turmeric, honey, neem

To begin the AAVRANI ritual, we summon three of nature’s top performers. Our first spotlight ingredient, turmeric, is a potent botanical with the power to even skin tone, refine pores, and activate a natural glow. We then add the transformative capabilities of neem. Saturated with antioxidants and vitamin E, neem oil restores a youthful glow and healthy balance to dry or damaged skin. Raw honey, referred to in India as the "nectar of the gods", balances the exfoliator with its long-lasting hydration and antibacterial properties which conquer skin imbalances. 


Inside our Balance Restoring Serum

tea tree oil, chamomile flowers, cucumber extract

Sink deeper into purification with this power trio. Tea tree oil is nature’s most gentle acne-fighting warrior, legendary for its healing powers and free from the irritation-inducing effects of typical acne treatments. Say goodbye to puffy skin and enlarged pores with the soothing, firming power of potassium-rich cucumber extract. Finally, the chamomile flower extract blocks irritants and packs in antioxidants, increasing effectiveness of the next steps in the ritual.


Inside our Softening Hydra-Whip

coconut oil, rosehip seed, shea nut

Nature's most pure, luxurious gift that softens and protects, coconut oil is loaded with vitamin E, fatty acids, and proteins. These ultra-hydrating components enable skin to retain moisture, boost cellular health, and repair damaged tissues. Next, we rejuvenate and boost elasticity with rosehip seed oil. This potent multi-tasker reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation with naturally occurring vitamin C. Its saturation of Omega-3 plumps and evens fine lines. Shea nut butter takes this Whip to the next level with its power-packed concentration of stearic acid, which relieves inflammation and restores hydration. A win-win-win for softer, more enriched skin.


Inside our Eye Rejuvenating Elixir

sweet almond oil, rose water, avocado oil

The AAVRANI ritual's finishing touch presents you with transformative benefits right under your eyes. Enriched with vitamins A, E, and B, almond oil has long been known as a “miracle oil” as it combats signs of aging and protects against UV damage and oxidative stress. Rose water, core to ancient Indian skincare customs, dates all the way back to Queen Cleopatra’s rituals in early Egypt. Its timeless power holds true today as this all-natural potion hydrates, revitalizes, and regenerates skin. To maximize this elixir's potency, we draw upon the strength of avocado. With beta carotene and protein, its oil deeply moisturizes and turbocharges collagen metabolism, while its lecithin and fatty acids minimizes dark circles and evens out discolorations in the precious undereye area.


AAVRANI invites you to celebrate your beauty by indulging in this sacred skincare sequence and embracing the full experience. Each product is connected. Curated with conviction. Initiated with intention. Advance your journey. Align your inner confidence with your outer radiance.


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