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Rooshy's journey

As a first generation Indian-American growing up in the Midwest, my fondest memories involved gatherings of women of our cultural community – grandmothers, mothers, aunts and daughters – creating the ancient skincare rituals of our Indian heritage. As an adult, I searched for an easier way to access these powerful, all-natural solutions and embrace my cultural roots. Through this journey, I grew empowered to be my most natural self, and envisioned a world in which women’s real beauty unleashes fierce confidence. This inspired me to join Nina in creating aavrani, and we’re thrilled to share our vision with the world!

Nina's Journey

Over the years, I’ve tried just about all the “latest and greatest” skincare products and routines. Although, ever since I can remember, the only consistency in my regimen has been the use of raw ingredients (such as turmeric, coconut oil, and neem) in both my diet and beauty routines. As my schedule became increasingly demanding, I realized I couldn’t find any products off-the-shelf that leveraged the efficacy of these all-natural wonders. As a former Miss America, I’m constantly asked about my personal care routine and top “must-have” products, so I finally decided to curate the most powerful ingredients that I used growing up to develop my own ritual. Alongside Rooshy, I created aavrani's products to be safe, effective, and honor the tried and tested rituals of India. And, to remind women that you don't need be a queen to wear a crown!



Being raised in a culture sensitive to skin tones, we were often exposed to (and pressured to use) skin lightening products, made up of chemical bleaching agents and other toxic substances. Recognizing that these underlying beauty standards affect women not just in India, but around the world, we made it our mission to deliver premium, non-toxic products that champion women by encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty.

Our priority is to empower women to be proud and confident in their skin, regardless of their complexion. We’ve made it central to our brand name; in Hindi, “rani” means “queen”. And, through our social impact partnership with the Shanti Bhavan School, we're empowering children in India with access to education and mentorship.

We’re thrilled to introduce our first four products, which collectively create The aavrani Ritual. Each step has been thoughtfully formulated using only the best, most powerful combinations of ingredients that our families have used for centuries.

We invite you all to our natural beauty movement! Join us and the #RaniFam as we #GlowAndConquer together, #YouQueen