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Benefits of Jojoba Oil in Skin Care

Aug 05, 2022

Skin Care

Rich in Vitamins A, E, and D, plus antioxidants and fatty acids, it’s no wonder that Jojoba Oil is a universal skin savior. It moisturizes dry skin, soothes irritation, and nourishes oily skin without clogging pores. It has made its way as a main staple in both skin care and haircare, given the plethora of ways to use it. Keep reading to learn more about Jojoba Oil, its benefits, and how you can incorporate it into your own skin care routine.

What is Jojoba Oil?

Pronounced ho-ho-ba, the Jojoba plant derives from the Simmondsia Chinensis plant, which is native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. It thrives in desert climates and produces a nut, which can be turned into an oil. Famed for its vitamin-rich properties, Jojoba Oil has made its way as a skin care star ingredient.

Oil or wax?

Jojoba is technically a liquid wax (wax ester) but feels like an oil at room temperatures. It also closely mimics the texture of our natural sebum (which you’ll read more about below) and is able to easily penetrate the skin.

Jojoba benefits

Jojoba Oil has a wide variety of benefits that can be used on many different skin types. Ranging from dry skin, to eczema, all the way to oily or acne-prone skin, Jojoba Oil will benefit them all.

Soothes inflammation

Jojoba Oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which help relieve dryness, flaking, and itching. It can be a great remedy to eczema or sunburns by helping reduce the chances of peeling. In fact, Jojoba Oil is also a popular ingredient in some natural sunscreens because of the Vitamin E it contains.

Moisturizes & hydrates

Additionally, Jojoba is a humectant ingredient (similarly to honey) which means that it helps draw moisture to the surface of the skin, helping to seal in the hydration. It’s lighter than other face oils, so it's easily absorbed into skin, which adds to that healthy and moisturized glow.

Antibacterial & antifungal

Jojoba Oil contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin. In turn, these properties may help keep skin clean and prevent acne. Even more, it helps provide an added wound-healing benefit and acts as a natural preservative.

Contains antioxidants

This vitamin-rich oil contains natural forms of Vitamin E, working with your skin as an antioxidant. As mentioned in our blog about the importance of antioxidants, this means that Jojoba helps fight premature aging, protects against free radicals and UV damage, soothes inflammation, and brightens the skin.

Regulates sebum production

Since Jojoba Oil is so similar to the sebum that your body produces naturally, it helps to regulate your sebum production. When you apply Jojoba Oil to your skin, it adds moisture — which then sends a signal to your hair and sweat follicles that your skin doesn’t need additional sebum for hydration. This helps keep skin from getting too oily and helps prevent acne caused by clogged pores.

Boosts your skin’s natural glow

Typically, dull skin is caused by dryness or dehydrated skin. Jojoba Oil moisturizes and soothes the skin, which brings out a natural glow that keeps your skin looking and feeling amazing.


As mentioned previously, technically, Jojoba Oil is actually a wax. Even though it gets absorbed into your skin, the waxy nature allows it to create a soothing seal on the surface of your skin. Additionally, there are no (or very few) side effects known from Jojoba Oil, making it safe for use by all skin types.


If something is comedogenic, it means it tends to clog pores, typically causing blackheads or acne as a result. People who have oily skin types or acne-prone skin tend to try and stay away from comedogenic products, and oftentimes put all face oils into that category. However, Jojoba Oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores and is great for people who have oily or acne-prone skin.

How to use Jojoba Oil

So now that we know how beneficial Jojoba Oil can be for all skin types, you might be wondering how you can add it to your skin care ritual and experience it for yourself. If you want to use it on its own, try applying a few drops onto freshly cleaned skin. If you’re looking for a way to amplify its benefits even more, try a mixture of ingredients (or a product that specially formulates everything for you) that complement each other and give you the most bang for your buck. Products like our Healing Rose Clay Mask and Glow Activating Exfoliator both use Jojoba Oil alongside other natural ingredients to make them even more effective.

Can Jojoba Oil be used for oily skin?

There are several skin care myths that say all oils are bad for oily skin types — this is untrue and just depends on which type of oil you use. When the skin is stripped of its natural sebum (when using drying products), the sebaceous glands usually end up over-correcting, creating a cycle of oil overproduction. Because of its non-comedogenic and sebum-controlling properties, Jojoba Oil is the perfect remedy to set balance in your skin again, and a great addition to your skin care ritual. Another way to use Jojoba Oil is using it as an oil cleanser, which is also great for oily skin types — read more about that here.

Add Jojoba to your skin care ritual today

There are several ways to incorporate Jojoba Oil into your skin care ritual (using it as a makeup remover, moisturizer, or antidote to sunburn to name a few), but the best way to get the most out of Jojoba Oil is to formulate it with other ingredients that amplify its benefits or add new advantages to it. Our Glow Activating Exfoliator and Healing Rose Clay Mask both use Jojoba with other ingredients like Turmeric, Rose Oil, Honey, Neem, and more. Pick one of them up and incorporate these powerful ingredients into your skin care ritual today.



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